Welcome to Physical Education 
with Mr. Morrill and Mr. Sargent

Students will have a P.E. trimester requirement each year.  The following are additional electives that will be available to them:

Grade 5 / ElectiveIn the fifth grade, students will be introduced to the fundamental skills in soccer, table tennis, basketball & miniature golf.

Grade 6 / Elective:  “Target and Throwing Activities”  In sixth grade, students will learn the skills, history, and rules of bowling, ultimate frisbee, & archery.

Grade 7 / ElectiveIn seventh grade, students will learn the strategies and skills involved in floor hockey, table tennis, and orienteering.

Grade 8 / Elective:  “Lifetime Activities”   In eighth grade, students will learn the advanced aspects and skills involved in volleyball, disc golf, ultimate frisbee & golf.