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District Announcements

Student Name Grade Level Level

Bouchard, Isabella Rose 8 High Honors
Ferguson, Francesca Anne 8 High Honors
Frost, Olivia Lauren                8  High Honors
    Guthrie, Tallis Clarke      8     High Honors
Horwath, Sophie Elaina 8 High Honors
Owens, Abigail McKenna 8 High Honors
Powers, Cyarra Doreen 8 High Honors
Powers, Nicholas Shawn 8 High Honors
Dion, Allison June 7 High Honors
Escabi, Margaret Caroline 7 High Honors
Klarov, Hannah 7 High Honors
Medina, Luciana Paz 7 High Honors
Peabody, Lillian Grace 7 High Honors
Best, Vivian Marie 5 High Honors
Melanson, Ava Marie 5 High Honors
Sullivan, Aoife Kate 5 High Honors
Svenson, Elsa Jane 5 High Honors

Albin, Jordyn Raleigh 8 Honors
Bagnell, Connor Michael 8 Honors
Ballard, William Robert 8 Honors
Bechard, Genavive Carin 8 Honors
Bell, Jordyn Skye 8 Honors
Bilodeau, Emma Judith 8 Honors
Bilodeau, Noah Richard 8 Honors
Brooks, Ava Rebecca 8 Honors
Brouse, Rachel Elizabeth 8 Honors
Carter, Nathan Lawrence 8 Honors
Cavicchi, Emilia Joelle 8 Honors
Clark, Kay Ellen 8 Honors
Dearborn, Evelynn Faith 8 Honors
Dimke, Luke Jeremiah 8 Honors
Dulin, Elianna Grace 8 Honors
Duyon, Sophia Grace 8 Honors
Elliott, Brooklyn Elizabeth 8 Honors
Fischer, Nathan Howard 8 Honors
Fitzgerald, Lily May 8 Honors
Gallagher, Sarah Eleanor 8 Honors
Gannon, Liam James 8 Honors
Gygax, Gavin William 8 Honors
Hanscome, Isabella Jaelyn 8 Honors
Heilshorn, Jacqueline Sophia 8 Honors
Heywood, Hunter Ryan 8 Honors
Hill, Eleanor Grayson 8 Honors
Jabour, Logan Mitchell 8 Honors
Jerome, Annie Brook 8 Honors
Kasprzak, Kalina Grace 8 Honors
Kasprzak, Mason Alexander 8 Honors
Michaud, Ryan Burnett 8 Honors
Morris, Courtney Ann 8 Honors
Morrison, Makenna Alexandra 8 Honors
Norton, Jeffrey David 8 Honors
Orchard-Blowen, Molly Louise 8 Honors
Oreal, Ethan Robert 8 Honors
Panetta, Gabriella Marie 8 Honors
Rai, Suvana 8 Honors
Rand, Melanie Grace 8 Honors
Smith, Maddox Paul 8 Honors
Smith, Mason Thomas 8 Honors
Sousa, Luke Ryan 8 Honors
Sullivan, Sarah Elizabeth 8 Honors
Svenson, Annabelle Chesley 8 Honors
Todd, Emily Jane 8 Honors
Turner, Scotty Ray 8 Honors
Veno, Addyson Jay 8 Honors
Veno, Madalyn Joy 8 Honors
Vittorioso, John - Jack A 8 Honors
Wesner, Alexander Scott 8 Honors
Whalen, Evan James 8 Honors
Young, Chelsea Rae 8 Honors
Alix, Isabelle Michelle 7 Honors
Banley-Bill, Ryder Gavin Joaquin 7 Honors
Barry, Kennis Grace 7 Honors
Black, Samantha Maria 7 Honors
Brooks, Ella Elizabeth 7 Honors
Brower, James Carter 7 Honors
Chabot, Emelia Lynn 7 Honors
Chase, Riley Baker 7 Honors
Clark, Adelle Reed 7 Honors
Collins, Calvin Philip 7 Honors
Comeau, Haile Lyn 7 Honors
Dickey, Zephan Lee 7 Honors
Doherty, Erinn Faith 7 Honors
Dulac, Kylie Elizabeth 7 Honors
Eisenhaure, Henry Pierre 7 Honors
Elliott, Kiera Mary 7 Honors
Franke, Abigail Ann 7 Honors
Frazier, Ava Lynn 7 Honors
Genthner, Rianna Mae 7 Honors
Glusko, Aubrey Marie 7 Honors
Hardy, Madelyn Marie 7 Honors
Heald, Colby Robert 7 Honors
Hilfiker, Ian Matthew 7 Honors
Jordan-Bartholomew, Bryce Elgene 7 Honors
Lenzi, Noah Charles 7 Honors
Lyczak, Wyatt Davis 7 Honors
Madison, Violet Marie 7 Honors
Manning, Delaney Irene 7 Honors
Ouellette, Talon Marcus Joseph 7 Honors
Pelletier, Isabella Gloria 7 Honors
Plourde, Haley Lynn 7 Honors
Robbins, Kyle Patrick 7 Honors
Rothery, James Bryan 7 Honors
Scarsilloni, Ellie Claire 7 Honors
Sevin, Olivia Mae 7 Honors
Trezak, Claire Elizabeth 7 Honors
Walsh, Connor Stando 7 Honors
Wolthuis, Olivia Ray 7 Honors
Wolusky, Landon Charles 7 Honors
Zilm, Jacob Allen 7 Honors
Bilodeau, Grace Elizabeth 6 Honors
Comerford, Ryleigh Elizabeth 6 Honors
Dearborn, Jonathan Elijah 6 Honors
Edgecomb, Sophia Rose 6 Honors
Gedney, Micah Brian 6 Honors
Goodman, Addison Marie 6 Honors
Gorton, Madisyn Alexis 6 Honors
Graff, Anne Kay 6 Honors
Grenier, Isabelle Claire 6 Honors
Jacques, Owen James 6 Honors
Johnson, Clayton Dwight 6 Honors
Malo, Avey Grace 6 Honors
Michaud, Kate Isabelle 6 Honors
Nelson, Abigail Judith 6 Honors
Parks, Aliza Rose 6 Honors
Parks, Greta Alice 6 Honors
Pileggi, Sophia Rose 6 Honors
Pohopek, Ava May 6 Honors
Sanger, Cadence Emma Lou 6 Honors
Sherrill, Peyton Hope 6 Honors
Spirito, Gracy Francis 6 Honors
Sylvia, Matthew Kenard 6 Honors
Tomaselli, Alice Jean 6 Honors
Urdahl, Judith Brynn 6 Honors
Whitney, Alexander William 6 Honors
Young, Aubrey Lynn 6 Honors
Zielfelder, Molly Lauretta 6 Honors
Zilm, Payton Jane 6 Honors
Addieg, Nevaeh Michelle 5 Honors
Bartlett, Breyannah Leigh 5 Honors
Bezanson, Haley Elizabeth 5 Honors
Bouchard-Campbell, Mikaela Ruth 5 Honors
Brewer, Joshua Luke 5 Honors
Brower, Derek Thomas 5 Honors
Brown, Peyton Estelle 5 Honors
Carpenter, Abigail Mae 5 Honors
Charleston, Garrett Matthew 5 Honors
Cook, Carson Patrick 5 Honors
Escabi, Eleanor Rose 5 Honors
Gower, Briley Kellyn 5 Honors
Jordan, Jillian Elizabeth 5 Honors
Kearney, Evelyn Eleanor 5 Honors
Kessler, Lucius Alexander 5 Honors
Klarov, Peter 5 Honors
Laderbush, Reese Willow 5 Honors
Leonard, Isabella Rose 5 Honors
Lund, Christian Jeffery 5 Honors
Main, Hannah Marie 5 Honors
Martel, Jenna Joy 5 Honors
Medina, Silas Guillermo 5 Honors
Merrill, Eryka Rena-Leigh 5 Honors
Mertens, Liliana Margaret 5 Honors
O'Neil, Lincoln Rocket 5 Honors
Oles, Matthew Gabriel 5 Honors
Pascalis, Jazmin Brie 5 Honors
Peterman, Carter Stedman 5 Honors
Plumey, Isabella Rosario 5 Honors
Quick, Kennedy Elizabeth 5 Honors
Sellers, Amanda Marie 5 Honors
Sexton, Mollie Julia 5 Honors
Sheehan, Kathleen Elizabeth 5 Honors
Skahan, Molly Jo 5 Honors
Smart, William Greggory 5 Honors
Sullivan, Kahlen Mae 5 Honors
Sweatt, Ryland Christopher 5 Honors
Tomaselli, Lily M 5 Honors
Trezak, Jillian Grace 5 Honors
Tsakiris, Demitrius Jules 5 Honors
Vachon, Delaney Mae 5 Honors
Weingart, Colin James 5 Honors

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