Welcome to Music Education
with Ms. Cain or Mr. Bradbury

Grade 5 / Required: Music class will include singing, listening to a variety of songs and learning to read and create basic rhythms and melodies.

Grade 6 / Required: Music class will include drumming, learning to play by ear and writing down what you’ve played, then filming yourself performing it. The final project will include your film in a Keynote presentation.

Grade 7 & 8 World Music / Elective: Students will explore different styles of music from around the world both past and present. Using various technology and instruments, students will create a group musical project. (10 – 15 students)

Grade 7 Piano / Elective: Piano is one of the most useful instruments as it can make several sounds at once and you can be a one person act. This class will work on reading music, practice strategies, listening and responding to performances, and performance etiquette. (Limit 18)

Grade 8 Guitar / Elective: Guitar, much like piano, is an ideal accompaniment instrument. This class will show you how to tune, read music, tablature (TAB) and chord charts. TAB and chord charts are very appealing to students who don't care a lot for standard musical notation. (Limit 18)

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